Due to the fact that we do not charge our customers for things they do not need, our pricing structure is based upon 3 components.  The monthly SLA fee, Monthly Server Rental Fee and SIP Trunk Fees.

The SLA or service level agreement is for all extensions, this covers our management of the phone system and each extension attached to it.  This is a monthly fee with either a month to month agreement price or a 3 year contract price.  

The server fee, this is a single line item charge and is dependent upon a clients needs.  Most clients under 30 phones can get away with our level one server, some will need more space and processing power, our sales representative can help you figure out what is the best fit for your business.  

Lastly is the trunk fee, and for that you have three options.  First you can pay a flat fee each month for a single line of incoming/outgoing calls at 24.95 per month per line.  Second, you could choose the metered trunk which provides unlimited "lines" incoming and outgoing and you simply pay for the number of monthly minutes.  Lastly you could do a combination of the two, and again, our sales staff can help you determine what the best fit is for your business.

Most hosted phone providers require each phone to have its own DID (Direct Inward Dial) phone number and it's own SIP Trunk.  CDS Hosted is different in that we do not require every phone to have a DID, nor do we require every phone to have its own SIP Trunk.

Traditional phone systems operated on a limited number of inbound/outbound lines available.  Companies would only buy the lines they needed to operate their business, thus reducing overhead.  CDS Hosted plans are based on this same model.  We do an extensive review of your current needs and only sell you what you need at the time.  More lines (SIP Trunks) can be added as they are needed.

In addition most companies only had a few public telephone numbers which where used for directing clients to their business. Why confuse your clients with multiple inbound/outbound telephone numbers when the main numbers you have been using for years work just fine.

Don't get over sold and DON'T partner with anyone who doesn't do phones for a living.  You wouldn't go to your dogs vet to have heart bypass surgery done would you?  Then don't use an IT firm, or audio visual firm for your phones...and most importantly do not use a cable provider and expect to have dependable telephone services.

Full service Hosted Voice over IP Solution


Auto Attendant
Call Parking
Call Recording
Caller ID
Conference Bridge
Day/Night/Holiday Schedules
Follow Me
Ring Groups
Voicemail to Email

Android Phones
Android Tablets

CDS Hosted VoIP Solution begins with the cloud hosted architecture
which was designed from the ground up with redundancy at its core.
Traditional servers always have a single point of failure; a power
supply, a hard drive, a power outage. The cloud hosted solution we
use uses SAN cluster storage systems, and automatic hypervisior
failover allowing virtual machines to be quickly moved to new
hardware in the event of a failure.

Our operating system of choice is the one chosen by over 60% of
internet based hosting providers, Linux. In our case our platform of
choice is CentOS. Building upon the CentOS base kernal we add
Asterisk and FreePBX applications which permit us to offer best in class service at an affordable rate.

Our standard hosting plan comes with full weekly backups of the entire system and nightly backups can be arranged for those clients who need more redundancy.

Beyond the hosting environment we then offer our clients a wide range of VoIP telephones to choose from by partnering with such manufacturers as Yealink, Grandstream, Polycom and more.

When looking for a VoIP solution provider look no further than CDS Hosted.