10 Extension Unlimited Plan**
10 DID’s
$199.90/mth 1 Year Agreement
Add additional extensions for $19.99 each

All plans require use of approved VoIP handset or softphone.  **All unlimited plans are based upon typical monthly average for a company.
CDS Hosted reserves the right to cease service due to regular abuse of unlimited plan by a client. See our TOS for more details.

CDS Hosted VoIP Solution begins with our hosted architecture which was designed from the ground up utilizing the latest in web hosted technology and server virtualization.  Utilizing virtualized servers permits us to quickly be able to recover from any type of crash due to hardware failure or even network failure.  

Our operating system of choice is the one chosen by over 60% of Internet based hosting providers, Linux. In our case our platform of choice is CentOS. Building upon the CentOS base kernel we add Asterisks and FreePBX applications which permit us to offer best in class service at an affordable rate.

Our standard hosting plan comes with full weekly backups of the entire system, additional redundancies and nightly backups can be arranged for those clients whose businesses require such services.

Our support staff is on hand Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm providing full concierge service to our clients.  Weekend and after hours emergency support is also provided at a contracted rate.  Should a client require regular after hours or weekend concierge service we have plans available.

Take advantage of huge cost savings over traditional phone systems and services with modern Hosted VoIP Telephone service. With CDS Hosted you get the benefit of having a company with over 35 years of telephone expertise combined with 35 years of data networking and infrastructure support. Our system and service has gone through intensive testing for reliability and quality and as with all our products and services we stand behind our work. Speak with our sales team to learn more about how CDS Hosted can save your company money and improve your companies communication capabilities.

Optional services available such as unlimited Metered Sip Trunks, Fax Services, Additional DID's, EDID's and Toll Free Numbers.

Pricing subject to change at any time, does not include taxes for voice communications or international long distance fees.  See your sales representative for current pricing.  Any plan over 50 phones needs to be custom built for your specific needs, call our office for a formal quotation.

25 Extension Unlimited Plan**
25 DID’s
$449.75 1 Year Agreement
Add additional extensions for $17.99

5 Extension Unlimited Plan**
5 DID’s
$109.95/mth 1 Year Agreement
Add additional extensions for $21.99 each

40 Extension Unlimited Plan**
40 DID’s
$799.50/mth 1 Year Agreement
Add additional extensions up to 50
for $15.99 each

Full service Hosted Voice over IP Solution


Auto Attendant
Call Parking
Call Recording
Caller ID
Conference Bridge
Day/Night/Holiday Schedules
Follow Me
Ring Groups
Voicemail to Email

Android Phones
Android Tablets